The Diwo gallery 1 is located at five minutes from the center of Siem Reap (old market), on the road to the Tonle Sap lake, from the Vat Svay bridge, follow Diwo Gallery’s signs.

The Diwo Gallery 2 is locaded in the city center river side, next to the old market between Monument Books and Ta Prohm Hotel.

Angkor collection

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Wat Svay - Tonle Sap road - Siem Reap - CAMBODIA
TEL +855 (0)92  876 252

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Free transport to visit Diwo Gallery 1
Don't believe anybody who tell you we are close, or far...we are open every day, you can call us for pickup.
Visit Diwo Gallery 1 is like a fast journey inside Cambodia it self...Many customers come by bike, they appreciate the green river bank, a few walk.
5 minutes from the center
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